Darkness inside

I walked into the room my mom was in and the sword that was hanging above the fire place was starting to float and it was going to kill so I opened the door so we could use the light post outside. As I opened the door all the lights around began to flicker. Next thing I know the nearest nuclear bomb was launched and it hit asha. My mom said “control your powers.” I replied “I’m trying.” Let me introduce myself.

My name is John and I have dark powers. You see I’m the son of the devil and my mom is an angle. I was trained to have dark powers to protect my family of 17.

Us kids get our powers when we turn 16 I just turned 16 two minutes before my first transformation. I was born on January 28,1666at 7:00pm when I transformed it made me a different person I knew what I was doing but I had no control over it. My mom always wanted me to be normal but I just wanted my dad to love me so I became evil hoping that he’ll love me and be proud of me.

I figured that if he trained me he would notice me. After months of training he didn’t seem to even know that I was there. It was like it was all just a dream but I could feel everything as if it was was real. So I screamed “AHH!!” And my dad asked “what’s wrong son?”

I was shocked that he called me son. I replied by saying “I feel like you don’t want me as a son and that you just think of me as a student.